Saturday, February 8, 2014

Somewhere in Yorkshire, where the mole-catcher had passed by... Watercolour 020714

Watercolour, 5" x 8" on Arches 300gsm hot-pressed.

This from a photo I took 'somewhere' in 2009 - when I first posted this piece I couldn't recall the exact location, hence the vague title... since then, with the aid of my sisters Penny and Jennifer, and of Roy and of Mr Google (Ernest would've been in there too, but he was napping), I have learned that it's about a mile, as the proverbial crow flies, from Semer Water in the Yorkshire Dales.

Just a small piece, with a couple of flicks of gouache, and with a touch of pen and ink for the finer detailing... done quickly, sketch-style...

The mole-catcher connection? On my left as I took this photo is a barbed-wire fence from which dangled a typical row of dead moles, - left there by the mole-catcher to tell any passers-by that he has been busily and effectively plying his trade nearby...

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